Anonymous asked:

what grad schools are you applying to?

At this point I’m looking at major metropolitan cities like New York and Chicago. However, I’ll pretty much go wherever I’m accepted if the program is good enough.

Anonymous asked:

Why aren't you answering my emails nick? I don't like not knowing if you'll make it or not

what does this mean?

Anonymous asked:

are you doing 5 years at mu?

Nope I’ll be done in either two semesters or three

Anonymous asked:

i saw you on campus the other day. you wear tight shorts.


Anonymous asked:

you're adorable

Anonymous asked:

are you graduating this year?

Nope I graduate Spring 2013.

chrisxmouth-deactivated20120417 asked:

i wish we were still friends.

this made me so depressed, text me next time you’re coming down to columbia!

d0000i asked:

Please start posting more photoshopped pictures. You are literally the funniest person I have seen on Tumblr.

Haha unfortunately school/actually having a social life again has killed all my time that I used to have to photoshop dumb pictures. Maybe one day I’ll return….maybe

dying-for-it asked:

are you planning to go into one of the specialization areas? which one were you considering?

Counseling. I want to help kids that had the same problems I did growing up.